Prof. Hussein A. Abbass

School of Engineering and Information Technology
University of New South Wales - Canberra - Australia

Email: h D abbass A adfa D edu D au




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If you wish to know about my research, please read the following non-technical article in [High Resolution] [Low Resolution]

If you prefer technical articles, here are two open access articles: [Trusted Autonomy and Cognitive Cyber Symbiosis: Open Challenges] and [A Review of Theoretical and Practical Challenges of Trusted Autonomy in Big Data, IEEE Access, Pre-publication Long Version]

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Foundations of Trusted Autonomy Computational Red Teaming Dual Phase Evolution Advances in Computational Intelligence

Artificial Life 2007 Data Mining - A Heuristic Approach Heuristics and Optimisation for Knowledge DiscoveryArtificial Life 2002